About Neos

Why we created Neos?

Since most human beings spend three-quarters of our time at work, we think it’s important to feel good at work every day.

A job is more than a long list of duties. A lot more. It also includes relationships with colleagues, the ambience at work and corporate culture and values. More precisely, it’s a living environment. Unlike most job search sites, NeosJob.com helps companies with open positions to promote their values, mission and culture, in order to attract like-minded candidates. In fact, our platform unites job seekers and companies that share professional affinities. That’s how Neos was born!

Our values :  


Neos brings together motivated employers with job seekers who share the same vision of working and career—that is, who share the same values and corporate culture.


All the company profiles that we create and host on our portal truly reflect the company being represented. We let current employees speak about the work environment they thrive in and their employer’s core values in a transparent way.


Neos has a team of multidisciplinary and passionate experts who share a common goal: make the recruitment experience as satisfying as possible by presenting clear information and featuring quality companies.

Our team

kevin courtin

Co-founder – Director, Business Development

My role
I seek out the best employers for you!

My experience and expertise
After having earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resources and Business Administration, I managed an international mobilization program for four years, recruiting young European talents for jobs in Canada.
I am fascinated by everything surrounding interpersonal relations at work and I have developed vast expertise in human resources.

Our goal : To establish partnerships with the 500 best Canadian employers.


Neos won a local award as part of the 2015 Quebec Entrepreneurship Contest (April 2015).

External collaborators

Neos regularly works with collaborators who can provide specific expertise in other domains.

Professional photographer
Sylvain Granier

Creative copywriter, copyeditor
Diane Stehle

Adriana Palanca

Intellectual property lawyers
Renaud Laliberté
Ismaël Coulibaly

Digital agency TP1
Jan-Nicolas Vanderveken
Emmanuel Duran Campana

Visual branding agency Rap.
Marc Kandalaft
Sara Dabbagh

Advisory committee

  • Phillipe Baron  –  Netcap
  • Marc Beauchamp  –  Groupe CAI Global
  • Marie Descat – Danone
  • Adréan Gagné – Edelman
  • Jacob Guité-St-Pierre – DentsuBos
  • Steven Lessard  –  ACCEO Solutions
  • Jean-Claude Renaud  –  VieUrbaine.com
  • Julien Trassard  –  Linkbynet

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